VEHICLES are a new wave/post rock/neo-psychedelic band from Kansas. With an explosive live show, many people have likened VEHICLES to The Cure meets Echo and the Bunnymen with a splash of Simple Minds.  VEHICLES new album, “ECHO” was just released on Idol Records (Dallas, TX).

“The band Vehicles sets a standard for guitar tone exploration amidst songs written for an audience keen on hooks and catchy melodies. ECHO, Vehicles’ newest release, is a polished production in the musical vein of 80’s rock heroes like Simple Minds and Echo and the Bunnymen, but not far from Vehicles’ contemporaries like The Killers and Foals.”

– Torin Andersen,

“VEHICLES (Cody) really drew the audience in with his dialogue. It gave us a unique look behind the curtain of his reality. It made me realize two things. 1. That every song Vehicles writes is pure and has a deep meaning. 2. That I have a lot in common with the band. These songs resonate with you in a way that feels like I am experiencing his emotions.”

– Ben Chambers, Tasty Bass music

“Vehicles are obviously talented; smart lyrics, expert instrumentation, and an original sound that both welcomes and pushes back. They save their crescendos for just the right moments.”

Nathan Cardiff, I heart local

CODY CLOUD : Guitar | Songwriter | Vocals



TONY HULL : Bass Guitar

THAYNE COLEMAN : Guitar | Vocals